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Equine pressure infuser

3417 Pressure infuser Pressure infusers feature a dial-type pressure gauge and a thumb valve for easy operation. Heavy, washable cotton with transparent net to allow fluid level checks. Chrome plated, easy-read manometer allows for accurate pressure readings. Latex-free inflation bulb. Image at right shows #3417 5 L infuser. 1L and 0.5L pressure infusers available. Please call for details.

Product No. 3417

Product No. 3432

Product No. 3410

Product No. 3411

Irrigation sets

Product No. 3400

Product No. 3401

Viscera retainers

Product No. 4054 (not pictured)

4055 viscera retainer

Product No. 4055

Equine hoof and tail cover

Product No. 3125

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